"I am impressed with the complexity and thoroughness of the BoilerPlate templates… a quick and inexpensive way to create a complete and fairly accurate budget." --Robert Latham Brown has over 30 years of film production experience, Unit Production Manager on “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars,” etc. He is an adjunct professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and the author of

Planning the Low-Budget Film.

"Probably the most inexpensive budgeting

program out...and the easiest to learn.”

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"BoilerPlate is a solid product...and for the

fraction of the cost of Movie Magic!"

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The beauty of this application is that you

don't have to know squat about

accounting to get up and going."

(Industry Review)

It has successfully budgeted five indies

that I have produced/directed. Thanks!"

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BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting now available in the Apple Store

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BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting now available in the Apple Store.

BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting

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Find out how much your next Film TV project will really cost.

Since 1993, filmmakers have been using BoilerPlate's powerful

Film TV Budgeting Software to generate fully-detailed,

industry standard film production budgets

and reports quickly and easily.



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