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BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting Features

Budgeting for Film, television, and video projects

BoilerPlate is designed for budgeting full length feature films, television projects, documentaries, commercials, and music videos.

Industry Categories with Detail of Accounts

Where necessary, all industry standard categories and accounts are expanded and fully-detailed so there is no mystery where the budgeted amounts are being spent.

Global Entries

Change your entire budget instantly. Change production header information, fringes, payroll taxes and sales tax rates. Change your shooting period (days) and see how your total budget is affected instantly.

Automatic Fringes and Taxes

Fringes, payroll and sales tax are computed instantly to the appropriate accounts. If fringes and taxes do not apply you can simply delete them from the entire budget with a simple push of a button in Globals page.

Instant Calculation

When you make a change, the budget totals are recalculated instantly. Actual costs, including fringes and taxes, are always reflected automatically in the totals of the budgeted amounts.

Cash Flow Sheets with built-in Accounting of Expenses Templates

Input your costs for every production period to control your budget. Cash Flow Totals for the development, pre-production, production and post-production periods are linked to your Summary Top Sheet in the Total Accumulated Cost to Date column allowing for quick and easy monitoring of costs to date, and the amount of the remaining budget. Know how much money is spent and how much is left.

Automatic Reports and Lists

Your Summary Top Sheet, Cast List, Extras & Atmosphere List, Property List and Location List are automatically generated upon completion of your budget worksheets.

Quick and Easy Access to all your Budget Worksheets (Never be lost again!)

When working on a large document like a film and television budget, having quick access to desired budget accounts and worksheets will save you time and frustration.

BoilerPlate gives you four different ways to access your budgeting worksheets. One of BoilerPlate's unique ways allows you to instantly go to a specific category account while reviewing the Summary Top Sheet.

Want to make a budget adjustment in a category as you review the Top Sheet? Just click the "GOTO" button on the category line you are reviewing and go instantly to that worksheet. Another great feature that will save you time and frustration!

Automatic Completion of Entry

Enter data into your budget faster and easier. The AutoComplete feature helps you add previously used information quickly, so you don't need to re-type it.

Push-Button Printing

You may want to print the entire budget, an individual category, or just the Summary Top Sheet--Just go to BoilerPlate's Print Panel (available only in BoilerPlate powered by Excel) and quickly and easily select what you want to print. Tedious and time-consuming page formatting is unnecessary. BoilerPlate's graphics and pre-formatted page layout will make your printed budget easy to read and look like a professional-looking document.

Sharing Your Budget

Save your budget as a PDF FILE and share it via email.

Powered by Excel for Windows and macOS

Unlike other budgeting programs that are limited by their exclusive stand-alone software program, BoilerPlate Templates utilize the spreadsheet computing power of Microsoft Excel running on Windows and macOS.  And now, BoilerPlate Film Budgeting is available for Apple Numbers for macOS.

With BoilerPlate's simple, intuitively designed budgeting templates, running

on the power of Microsoft Excel for Windows and macOS, you can

start generating complete, fully detailed, industry standard

production budgets quickly and easily.

No spreadsheet programming is required.

Just enter the budgeted costs in the designated cells and BoilerPlate

will generate your production budgets and reports, such as the Top Sheet, instantly.

BoilerPlate is packed with budgeting features that will make production managers happy.

Its exclusive Cash Flow Sheets with built-in accounting of expenses allows you to

input all your production expenses in each category so that you'll always know

how much money is spent and how much money is remaining in your

budget during production.

BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting Features

BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting

Industry Standard Motion Picture Production Budgeting Software

Powered by

Excel for Windows and macOS

and Apple Numbers for macOS

BoilerPlate Film TV Budgeting

is now available for

Apple NUMBERS for macOS

Available at the Apple Store.