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Industry Reviews

User Reviews

"I am impressed with the complexity and thoroughness of the BoilerPlate templates. The author has provided a quick and inexpensive way to create a complete and fairly accurate budget. It is best suited for smaller, less complex projects, but would be an excellent tool for anyone who isn't ready to spend $499 on the industry standard."

--Robert Latham Brown has over 30 years of film production experience, is an adjunct professor at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and the author of Planning the Low-Budget Film. Indie Slate Magazine (6/2007)


"Fortunately, there are some very good film and video production ready-to-use templates available. One of the best is from BoilerPlate Software, and with a $99 list price, it's a bargain when you count up the number of hours it saves you. It's as detailed as most users would need, but customizable as well. The functionality of the top sheet alone makes it worth the price."

--Frank Capria & Terence Curren, DV Magazine (9/2004)


"I enjoy working with the software. It has successfully budgeted five indies that I have produced/directed. Thanks!"  

--Michael Flynn, Harvest Films, LLC  (4/2011)


"I love your BoilerPlate software. It's easy to

use, it's affordable and simple to forward by email to my executive producers in France. They are able to read it easily, because it's an Excel program, and that seems to be one that people all over the world know how to use...using your program for our next feature documentary on big wave surfing (Riding Giants), featuring Laird Hamilton, also directed by Stacy Peralta." RIDING GIANTS was selected as the Opening Night film at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

--Agi Orsi, Producer: "Riding Giants" & "Dogtown and Z-Boys" (4/2004)


Industry Standard Motion Picture Production Budgeting Templates